BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Course


Course Objectives:

Healthcare Provider CPR

Signs / Symptoms of Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest

When to Deliver CPR

Breathing Barrier Use

AED Introduction & Use

How to Deliver CPR

  • Victims of all ages
  • Single Rescuer
  • Multiple Rescuer
  • Obstructed Airway

How to Assist a Conscious Choking Victim (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction)
This course is ECC and ILCOR 2010 compliant and American Heart Association equivalent.

NOTE: This course represents the most current guidelines for Basic Life Support CPR for Healthcare Providers. These guidelines represent the best current understanding of science and translation of science into direct patient care. The material in this course was selected for its relevance to direct patient care. While these recommendations are founded on international science review, not all recommendations will apply to all rescuers and all victims in all situations. The leader of the resuscitation may need to alter the application of these recommendations in unique circumstances.

First Voice Training - BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Course