Mandatory Reporter - Child/Dependent Adult

    Section 1

    This section includes the following topics:

    • Civil Code vs. Criminal Code
    • Types of offenders
    • Indicators of physical Abuse
    • Physical and Dental Indicators
    • Description and categories of sexual abuse
    • Example photos of abuse
    • Parallels Between Aspects of Abuse and Dental Care
    • Child pornography
    • How the internet facilitates child sexual abuse
    • Mental Injury
    • Neglect is a form of abuse
    • Presence and indicators of illegal drugs in a child's body
    • Child prostitution
    • Manufacturing or Possession of a Dangerous Substance
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
    • Mandatory reporter responsibilities
    • Who to call
    • DHS Response and Assessment

    Section 2

    This section includes the following topics:

    • National Estimates of Abuse
    • Iowa Law
    • Iowa DHS Statistics
    • Reportable Criteria
    • What Isn't Dependent Adult Abuse?
    • Why Does Abuse Occur?
    • Why Isn't Abuse Reported?
    • Myths, Attitudes, and Disabilities
    • Types of Offenders
    • Physical Abuse or Injury
    • Indicators of Physical Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Sexual Exploitation
    • Financial Exploitation
    • Denial of Critical Care or Neglect
    • Types of Abuse Reporters
    • Abuse Reports
    • How to Report Suspected Abuse